About me


I was born in the amazing city of Barcelona in 1963. I  have always been living in Barcelona. I am in love with my city.


I am a Telecom Engineer with a degree from La Salle, Ramón Llull University of Barcelona.


I am a 30 years veteran of the telecommunications industry: owner, founder and principal consultant of Argelich Networks, an independent Information & Communications Technology Consultancy company. I founded the company just after the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. I was one of the youngest project leaders in the Barcelona’92 Olympic Organizing Committee as Technological Director of the IX Paralympic Games.


I have been leading significant voice, data and video network projects in Europe for private businesses as well as public organizations. I am an expert in enterprise communications and digital transformation: large corporate IP networks, IT infrastructures, Cloud services, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2), Customer Interaction Centers, Call Centers,Telecom Expenses Management.


I am proud member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC) since 2006. I served as a board member for eigth years, two of them as Vice President and seven as Chairman of the International Affairs Committee.


Before the Olympic games, I worked as a Telecom Manager in Asco Nuclear Power Plant and served as a Lieutenant in the Spanish Air Force.


I am a very active member of significant professional and civil society associations such as COITT, FEANI,  Cercle del Coneixament, Cercle de Economia, etc.


Together with my team of Argelich Networks and my partners of SCTC we help you, your company and your community to create welfare improving your networks and digital capacities.


I am author of the book Analyze,Act,Advance (www.analyze-act-advance.com) about continuous improvement.



I am professor of Leadership at Lleida University.



As humanist activist, I am a promoter of the culture of innovation and continuous improvement. I defense the importance of the integral formation of a person and the need to complete the technical vision with the human one.


I enjoy attending international conferences and speak about ICT technology, innovation, leadership, change management.


I have been married to María Eugenia for more than 28 years and we are parents of six: two girls and four boys.


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You also can contact me via mail agustin@argelich.com or calling to my office in Barcelona (+34 93 415 12 35)