Talking about the fight of the Pomorska brigade and the lessons that we can learn from this historic event.

I offer one-day seminars addressed to managers in general: directors of division, heads of department, CIOs, project managers, CEOs, directors of operations, Engineers, Consultants, Analysts, Controllers, etc.


These seminars are Workshops: work sessions that look for the active participation of the attendants. A concept is presented that opens a debate with the audience, promoting a conversation of collective consideration. Such interaction fosters an environment of sharing that moves from name-sharing to idea-sharing to contact-information-sharing, facilitating a continuation of the debate amongst participants through social networks, like Linkedin, and ultimately a deeper understanding of the field for all.


The seminars are also given in-company. The content of the seminars can be divided into various sessions of one to two hours long.


If you are fluent in Spanish, you can get an oficial european university title (Ingenio SchoolLleida University). More information in Seminarios page.


Leadership in the innovation processes

In the wake of all the social, demographic, economic and technological changes that are taking place, businesses have one answer: innovation. Innovation represents change, and change represents difficulty. It is necessary to properly lead the process in order to obtain the desired end-result; therefore, leadership and innovation have become the two greatest challenges—two intimately related challenges—that sit poised before our companies today.

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A networked world. The digital world.

The explosion of the telecommunications networks through the Internet and through mobile communication have changed the world, and will change it even more. What strategies must the enterprise develop in order to avoid being overwhelmed? How should it communicate with its customers, suppliers and collaborators? What tools are available? How can they be successfully implemented?

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