Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Conferences

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Aslan Forum (BYOD) Bring your own device, October 2012

As an independent consultant, my presentations on Information and Communications Technologies are not at all commercial; they strive not to sell a product, but to arouse interests and invite proposals for the improvement of the business process through the utilization of these kinds of tools.


I demonstrate solutions and technologies based on real projects from the company-communications field, developed by the team here at Argelich Networks.


Not only do I comment technologies, but I also approach the best practices in the development of ICT projects.


We also organize debates and international simposiums with the participation of partners and colleagues from the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International.



Below you will find a list of my most usual subjects:

  1. Unified communications and collaboration. What are they and what are their uses?
  2. Multimedia and multichannel centers of interaction with customers. “State-of-the-Art call centers.”
  3. The IP world. What is the real potential for convergent networks and IP technologies?
  4. Web 3.0: The interactive web.
  5. Work-from-home.
  6. Technology and crisis. How is technology a tool to overcome crisis?
  7. CIO. Where are you going? The challenge of the Chief Information Officer: to implement a more efficient business processes.
  8. The best practices in the hiring of technological infrastructures: TEM, BYO, MDM.
  9. Cloud computing. How do you enter the cloud without getting lost in the fog?
  10. Why do I not understand my CIO? Why does my CEO not understand me?
  11. The power of the network.
  12. Advantages and risks of social media.
  13. Architecture of IT infrastructures.

To request a seminar or to ask for more information, please contact:

Marcos Miguélez Cabezas
Gerente Unidad de Pensadores y Conferencias
Teléfono de contacto: +34 91 310 77 40
Velázquez 24, 7ºI / 28001 Madrid / España