Conferences about Leadership and Continuous Improvement Culture

Congreso de la asociación mundial de mercados mayoristas. Mexico D.F. Abril de 2008

World Union of Wholesale Markets Congress. Mexico D.F. April 2008

Below you can see a list of some of my favorite conferences. They address the subjects that I’m passionate about, probing for answers to the most difficult challenges that I have been faced with, professionally, such as reluctance to change, lack of motivation, difficulties in communication, etc.


They are prepared with enormous enthusiasm and dedication, with the aim that they be useful to others and provide strategies and cutting edge solutions. Approaching problems from different perspectives—realistic and pragmatic—these presentations are filled with the fruits of my experience in the field.


You can know more about the topics I challenge reading my book Analyze, Act and Advance forward and visiting the Seminars page.


  1.  The innovation dilemma. Why don’t we innovate? Why is it so difficult to change? Why is it necessary to change?
  2. Victor Frankl’s thought: You choose your attitude.
  3. Be efficient, my friend; look for efficiency.
  4. Strategies to overcome a crisis.
  5. Intelligent collaboration.
  6. Proactivity. How to be a proactive organization.
  7. Choosing the right moment to act. No hastiness, no procrastination.
  8. The important and the unimportant. Claiming the importance of the analysis and design of future strategies.
  9. Moving forward: How to implement a culture of continuous improvement.
  10. Top ten best practices in project leadership.
  11. Negotiating strategies to achieve win-win agreements.
  12. Power and authority. Be influential!

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